Would you like to see my house?

Our architect/builders have pictures of our house on their website. It's sad to see how wonderful, clean and spacious it looked before we descended upon it with all our stuff. This minimal look will be my decorating goal for the future.
My house online

Courtesy of Hidei Design Construction, in Kishiwada, Japan


  1. It looks great.
    Even though I have been, I forgot, what kind of floors are they?
    As I clean our crappola out I star wondering if we really need reform, maybe just tidying up would have made a big difference. LOL

  2. Yes, I feel the same way - cleaning and de-cluttering would go a long way at my place.

    The floors are just your run of the mill laminate, the color is cherry. I do love the color I just wish they were real hardwood floors that didn't scratch or dent so easily.

  3. Minimalist is all very well but I love your house for the warmth it has with your things there.

    I have never noticed it particularly cluttered or perhaps I am comparing to mine!;)

  4. beautiful!
    I`m thinking about you every day, but since I don`t have any moment when I could just sit down and write, I limit myself with these words now.
    Take care!
    I hope to see you soon!

  5. Hope to see you soon too Eva!

  6. Looks great! I am so looking forward to visiting!!! Not too long now. I am trying to gather ideas for things to keep Eleanor occupied on the 11.5 hour flight - any tips much appreciated!

  7. It's gonna be great. Be prepared for the heat!!
    Prepare yourself mentally for the flight, think of the worst case scenario then things can only be better.

  8. ooh. I love looking at people's houses. I am in two minds about minimalist - I love organisation and hiding all my clutter away, until I have to try to find things in that storage. My house is minimal, partly because we are still renovating and partly because of personal style, and it doesn't always feel warm.

    Those are the before photos, what about the after photos? Just joking, but from the pictures I have seen you don't have much clutter - homeowners see it more than visitors.

  9. Wow. It looks great. Are the bedrooms up/down? Maybe I'm just having a blonde moment but I thought they were upstairs but can only see a ladder leading to the attic(?)

  10. Your house is fabulous even with stuff in it. I know what you mean about feeling like everything is cluttered when you see the "before you moved in" pics though! Wish I could come and visit again..

  11. Thanks for looking everyone. I feel quite special. Quite a few of you have been to my place I am realizing now. And still more of you will be visiting soon. The rest of you are welcome anytime!!

    Sweety - you're right that ladder goes to the attic, that room is my office/junk room/sewing room although I tend to sew in the dining room as it's brighter and further away from Little Guy's bedroom.

    The whole house is one level apart from the attic. The front looks two storied because of the high ceiling.

    Alfalfa - I don't think my decorating is quite up to the callibre of the sneek peeks you see online so there won't be anymore pictures, before & after.

    Midori I'd love you and Joe-man to visit again.


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