Asking for trouble?

One in his pajamas. One is alternating between eating the sand and trampling it through the house.


  1. Hi from Australia Blooming!

    Had the flight from hell, 1.5 hours late leaving Osaka, freezing in the plane, arrived in Brisbane, 1.5 hour wait in the plane while they took someones bag off!!! Hence, 3 hours late into Sydney.
    The kids were troopers, DH was sick on the flight to Sydney, and DD wet her pants because they wouldnt open the toilets while we waited!!!

    We are here and Mum seems OK if easily tired.

    BTW I googled you to find you and you came up on top of the search results!!!

    Yeah! Blooming!

  2. Eating that brings back memories.I used to love sand and munched away.Loved the texture.

  3. At least you are not having the summer from hell!

    Yuuumm sand ... not me I loved the sugar bowl for that same crunchy texture !!!


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