Baby's First Bag

In preparation for my Etsy promotion later today in the Handmade Kids Showcase (July 20th US time) I have made the cutest little girl's bag.

It's a tiny pouch for toddlers aged one to two. Of course mums would have to watch their little one doesn't get tangled up in the strap or eat the appliqué off (do I need a safety advisory?). My little guy is very taken with the bunny.


  1. Hi there,

    looks like you have time to make a bag so things must be going well on the home front:)

    BTW I see Ponyo looks like it's going to be a popular movie this summer. Even though it's for kids I want to see it. What are you guys going to see at the movies this summer?


  2. Yes, not to bad thanks! Long weekend and all means I am not being sapped of every last bit of energy.

    I probably won't make it to the movies but Biggie is keen on KungFu Panda. Not sure if he saw it or not yet (with his auntie).

  3. No accidents with the bag as yet!


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