A beautiful gift for me

A couple of months ago I lent my sewing machine to a friend of mine. Yesterday I went to get it back and was surprised that she had a gift for me: A beautiful quilted bag which she had hand embroidered. She had seen an idea in one of my books so thought she'd give it a go. She's stitched over the top of the flower outlines.

I was really touched by her kindness. She knows I hardly ever sew for myself these days and I certainly would not be able to do the hand stitching. The bag is almost too beautiful to use.


  1. it looks old timey. and very very pretty... I tried to enlarge for detail, but couldn't get it.

    what a cool friend...

  2. what a lovely gift to receive, it looks like lots of effort and good vibes went into it's creation.

  3. Yes, that's right zukzuk, she said it took over two hours to do each flower!!

  4. such a sweet gesture! The bag is gorgeous.


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