Before I turn in for the night

I don't want you all to think I am too busy with my guests to write in so I am quickly writing before I head to bed. Our day has been quite relaxing, well as relaxing as it can be with two toddlers to keep out of trouble.

Our trip to Aeon this morning was a lot of fun. I took advantage of having a gal pal to try on clothes with. I found a cute skirt for $20.00 in a pattern I probably would never have considered if I'd been shopping on my own. I tried on several lovely tops but just in the nick of time I remembered that I am trying to save $$$. I just got the skirt which I "need" for a family engagement next month.

Since neither of our under twos likes being in their stroller we could only go to two shops. Our second shop was Muji. Happily it's summer sale time so I made a head start on my Christmas shopping!!!!

Those of you who have been with me for the past year will know I had all my shopping finished by September or October last year, well in time for early mailing to New Zealand by sea. This year some of my parcels will be traveling to Scandinavia so I am going to be super organized again. It's great shopping now while I am under no pressure. Things are on sale and I have the seasonal advantage of it being summer here now then summer at Christmas-time back home.

Those of you who know of Muji will know that it's the no-brand shop (really it's become a brand in itself). It used to be and still is to a large degree very plain, neutral colors. I loved the glimpse of red in this ticking bag I saw there. Sadly it was not in the sale and was about $35.00. I did not get one.

So far we don't have any plans for tomorrow, however the mall was a great escape from the heat.


  1. Well done to do all of your shopping so early! I should finish my gifts by next week as my mom is coming then from the US and I would like her to carry them back with her. I don't think I have a chance though...

  2. That would be a great idea if you could.


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