Date Night!!

Our friends offered to babysit and we reluctantly agreed. Now that we are out we are having a great time! (Blogging from the mobile phone, in Starbucks)


  1. So nice for you to get out! I hope to do the same- go out on a date since my mom is visiting!

  2. A date! O boy!

    I am out for dinner tonight, DH is out tomorrow...sigh...

  3. It was really really great to just wander around the mall shopping without our kids. We stayed at one shop for about 45 minutes. I rummaged through the sale bin. We actually chose things we liked rather than just the cheapest one in the size and a semi decent color which is what we do when the kids are with us.

    It's not very romantic going shopping I know but our options were limited because of the time we managed to get away from home.

    I hope we can do it again sometime in the next decade!!


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