Day Two

Up bright and early with my noisy kids. Not happy about that. Busy today with Saturday Club for Biggie (swimming today), an English lesson to teach (me) and a play date later on (Biggie). Somewhere in between all that I have all my housework to get done, recycling to put out and the man is coming to check our septic tank. Better get on!

It's hot and the cicadas have arrived.


  1. Hope your busy day went well and your poor arm is feeling better - these hurty things always come in threes...good luck in the heat - maybe you need to drink more G&Ts after the kids go to bed to keep cool (in more ways than one)!

  2. Took your advice!!! Saw the G&Ts ready made in cans, reached for a couple and then saw the Moscow Mules - yummmmmm I will save them for "one of those days"


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