Early Birds Catch the Frog

The birthday boy woke up at 5 o clock this morning after going to sleep at 9 o clock last night. You just know he's going to be a barrel of laughs today. Right now he is standing at the fly screen screeching like a deranged parrot for waaaattttteeeerr.

I better get him before our poor neighbors call noise control.

OK, I'm back. So it's his actual birthday today and I was hoping he'd be feeling better from his high temperature. That does seem to have passed but I am not liking his emotional state. We were planning to get an early start on setting up his new sandpit. Before it gets too hot and sunny. Maybe not this early but I guess we're up now.


  1. good morning!!! I was up at 5;45 and the neighbor boy came by to fetch Kai for radio taiso at 6....

    now they are back and I must work up the gumption to make breakfast..little girls spent the night so i am making french toast...and have already made a big plate of onigiri.

    have a nice day and happy birthday to little guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope that he takes a nice long nap this afternoon....

  2. Finally getting round to commenting ! Love your blog and have no idea where you get the time and energy to keep it so up to date as well as sewing for the the shop and everything else you do.Quite amazing!

  3. Wow, Jan is full of energy early in the morning. French toast!!! my fave!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes

    Marianne, thanks for popping in!! As for my energy levels ... I'm not pregnant like you are so that counts for a lot :) I have lulls and highs too though!


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