Fun things an almost two year old can do

Little Guy will be two this month. He is a lot of fun.

He loves water: drinking it, running it, splashing it, spitting it, slurping it, spraying it. Today I found him stuffing toilet paper into the loo and flushing it repeatedly (with the door locked). Last week I had to use the garden hose through the open window to squirt him into submission to unlock the bathroom door. It might have been the same day, his brother called me to say he was being really naughty. He had climbed up onto the bench so he could run the kitchen taps.

He also loves marker pens. He knows where we hide those. He helps himself to cereal. He has to climb onto the shelf to get that down. He makes sure it's safe by turning on the pantry light (!). He knows which button to press to switch on the TV. He knows how to unlock the car and where I keep my keys. He opened four packs of soy milk this morning.

Doesn't it sound like fun? Now hiring, baby sitter, no experience necessary.


  1. Oh, dear God in heaven, throw every marker pen you own away immediately. Devil Boy got a hold of a lovely green one and went to town decorating our leather sofa which is a soft shade of cream a few weeks ago. Then he gave himself a beautiful face tattoo.

    Check your bathroom lock. There may be a little groove on the outside that you can insert a coin or a screwdriver in and turn it to open it from the outide. It is not always really noticeable, but every lock in every place I have lived in Japan has been that way. It was one of the first things I checked on the locks when we were considering buying our place.

  2. Face tattoos - check
    Couch - check
    Carpets - check
    white walls - check
    white doors - check
    Biggies white school shirt - check

    I'm a bit slow obviously.

    Devil Boy and Little Devil - twins separated at birth. I blame you for giving birth to them, it certainly was not me!!!

    the lock, I've looked but this particular one doesn't seem to have the old coin place, the rest do ( ??)

    PS It's 11.18 pm , go to bed!!!

  3. PS. Mine also takes the step stool his sister uses to wash her hands and commits all sorts of illegal acts - stealing food is a top priority, turning off lights I want on and on ones that I want off, getting into every cabinet and drawer, answering the phone if the mood strikes.

    Little Guy and Devil Boy sound like long lost twins. I never had these problems with his sister.

  4. the phone has had to be removed from here. I have gotten numerous complaints since now I don't have a lovely answer phone message.

    Biggie NEVER did any of this stuff either. Selective memory loss???

  5. No, DD really and truly never did any of these things. I didn't realize how good I had it with her until I didn't have it so good anymore.

    Does Little Guy go all cute and coy on you when you catch him? I fear for the teenage girls in Devil boy's future if he keeps fine tuning his get out of trouble charm.

  6. cute and coy? no he cowers in fear for his life.

    when I see him trying to sneak into his brothers room he hunches over and bends his legs funny like a cartoon character, like Dastardly, it's very funny.

  7. Natsuki will be two in August and she gets into everything. Everyday she has to try all the same naughty things just in case I might have changed my mind.

    I did throw out all our markers about two toddlers ago so I'm safe there but I'm always surprised by what she manages to get into. She can open child-proof aspirin bottles faster than I can for one!

    Natsuki sprints away if she sees me coming and she's doing something she knows she's not supposed to do. I think we'll put her in a track and field club when she's older!

  8. Oh gosh! I am now in fear of what Little Guy and Eleanor will get up to together when we arrive.

    Eleanor can be quite a handful too you know! She just loves dancing on our coffee table, scratching our leather sofa, and getting into cupboards and drawers and emptying them. Sometimes she likes tidying up too... but not always!

    Luckily in our old house the door handles are too high for her to reach, so we don't have any issues with her locking herself in rooms etc. But she's a fast learner... be warned...

  9. i had a boy like that. He was checked in to full time hoikuen before he was 2. I did it for his own safety, for my sanity and also because I had a newborn baby to take care of.

    I only heard one story about him trying to climb the fence.... (and curiosity made him climb the fence, not an urge to escape)

    P.S. the curiosity and antics never seem to end.... mine is 12 now and still cuts things open and messes with stuff......

  10. Jan, was that supposed to be reassuring? it will continue for the next ten years or more????? ;)

  11. I am already considering military school. Want me to see if we can get a discount on room and board if you ship them off together?

  12. nope. not reassurance. it was a dose of reality. i think that those who start out that way, stay that way. that is my experience, anyway. the only reason he is less trouble now is that he is gone 12 or more hours a day. sometimes, I miss him.

  13. Your post and the following comments made me chuckle as only a woman who gives 'her' children back at the end of 45 minutes could (-I'm a teacher).

    can you remove the handle/lock thingee of the bathroom door?
    Get Little Devil a paddling pool?
    Get him a jungle gym?
    Put childproof locks on the cupboards?
    Put him in a gymnastics program? He can use his body and brain at the same time and learn lots of cool tricks.
    If all else fails put him in the hoikuen for a few hours a week so you can have some free time to relax and recharge.



  14. I think he'll grow out of all this stuff pretty soon. I can already think of things he used to do a lot that he does less now.

    Thanks for the tips and anecdotes :)


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