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Tonight, instead of having an early night I have gotten very very sidetracked flicking through blogs. This one is lovely. A very crafty mom. A friend to knit with. I found her blog via good ness, another very addictive blog.

I love these monogram needlepoint journals. A friend to knit with suggested doing these poolside since it's a portable craft and not too hot, like knitting is. Excellent idea. Wouldn't these make wonderful gifts? For the end of the year? Like if you started now you might get one done? The company AMH Design, LLC claim they take two hours or less to complete. I am very tempted. Anyone want to get together and order some? International shipping is by arrangement. From New York.


  1. Hi! I thought i should clear up the time issue for my kits. My Stitchable Journal Kits all take 2 hours or less to complete. The projects in the photo shown here take about 4-5 hours. You can complete any of the needlepoint projects really quickly especially if you carry them around and stitch in your free time (like waiting at the doctor's office, at the bus stop, on the subway, etc.) or stitch while watching TV at night.

    Please email me at if you would like to ship overseas as my website does not accept international orders but i can take an order by email and send you an invoice to pay for your purchase.

    Thanks for the posting!

    AMH Design

  2. Thanks Amy! Oh wow, now I seriously want one.


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