Holiday Lunches

One of the hardest things about the school holidays is lunches for everyone, don't you agree? So far we haven't done too badly.

Today I made the kids yaki onigiri (rice balls with sauce). I had those frozen, from Co-op. Then I found a piece of bread with a hole in the center in the bread bin. I saw a segment on BabyTV that fried an egg in the hole. Biggie loved that. Little Guy had the extra hole.

The leftover sponge from the party has turned into trifle with green lime jelly and canned peaches. Little Guy seemed to enjoy that on this hot sunny day.

I haven't a clue what dinner will be but at least they've had a good hot lunch. I guess some vegetables will be in order. Cold noodles go down well in this heat.

Anyone have any lunch tips?


  1. Somen,natto,sandwiches,er....somen.Sorry,that was no use was it!

  2. Reimen, suddenly my chicklets are all nuts for reimen, with some cold meat/egg/tomato/cucumber etc on.
    Zaru soba.
    pasta salad was a hit the other day too. Falafel and pita pockets?
    I made a lentil and veg soup served chilled that was eaten by one and all, with sake onigiri on the side.

  3. Marianne & Missy thanks!

    I doubt my kids would eat natto though.

    Noodles seem to be the way to go then.

    Sandwiches would suit me fine but the white bread just doesn't seem to fill them up.

  4. Been thinking about this(too much free time,I know!).Cheese on toast with all sorts of topping,tacos,and a great fav with DD at the moment is somen with really finely chopped up okura mixed .Also little pizzas(and the boys can help to decorate them) and love the pita idea.Now I am really hungry:)

  5. That's lunch sorted Thanks!

    Only thing is Biggie doesn't like cheese :( or tomato :(


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