In the wars

As you know I hurt my arm badly on Monday when I slipped over. It's still very painful to the point where I went to the pharmacy for more band-aids, gauze wraps and tape tonight. I even thought I may need to visit a doctor.

I slammed my fingers in the car door that same day.

You can imagine my joy when I brushed past this little bugger this morning. Ouch! It's the third time this week that I have been stung by these awful caterpillars on the SAME arm.

On the weekend it was a cherry blossom caterpillar. Boy that hurt. And then my whole arm ached for the rest of the day.

Today I washed it quickly with soapy water and it's fine now. Perhaps a different breed?


  1. i had a fuzzy caterpiller spend some time under my shirt one fall, and i had hundreds of burning itching red spots that didn't go away for a long long time all over my back and chest and torso area.

    it was awful.

    soon after a man came to our house and cut off every single tree down to about 8 inches of trunk each. Now that's what I call pest control.

  2. OUCH!!!!!!

    soon after this happened to me a man came at lunch time and sprayed something noxious all over the trees (oh it was my husband!) then the caterpillars all dropped off the tree and were eaten by the birdies. It was a lovely way to go. :)

    Now I just need him to do the other tree. Little Guy got stung this morning :( silly baby he picked one up.


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