Like a pub crawl

Today we've been on a kind of pub crawl (bar hopping) only instead of pubs we stopped in every shop that had a children's play area. Here are two of the kids at the Nike Kids store in Rinku.

We thought about leaving the kids there and going to some other shops that didn't have play areas. We were planning to say "Nihongo wakaremasen" ("sorry we don't speak Japanese") if anyone tried to stop us. We left three of them in the large play area at the Lego store with specific instructions to point vaguely into the corner of the store and say "Oh my mum's just over there". Only problem was there were no adults in the store at the time.

We had a fun time. Lot's of joking and tricks. And yes, bagels for lunch.

Thanks Mrs. T and her chicklets for a great mini-break.


  1. Thank YOU for the fab mini break.
    We really had a great time and with 5 kids total, I thought we got a lot done.
    Let's do it again!!

  2. It's only going to get easier too with my Little Guy so yes, we'll do it again.


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