Little Guy's Birthday

Little Guy has been out for the count most of the day. Feverish and irritable.

Nevertheless we decided to proceed with his birthday dinner. (Two on Wednesday). It was a last minute affair, very thrown together. The cake, a simple sponge. I want to say light-as-air-sponge but sadly it was heavy and dense. Still yummy though! Topped with whipped cream left over from Chatty Cafe and a freshly sliced peach it was perfect.

Look at the photos. In the first the candles are lit. In the second Biggie has blown out the candles and Little Guy's expression remains unchanged! Too funny. He did crack a smile when we sang Happy Birthday and he really perked up as the presents were opened.


  1. Happy Birthday to Little Guy! I hope he is feeling better soon - those photos are priceless :)

    That cake looks yummo.

  2. I know! Poor fella. He did enjoy the "party" but he is nowhere near 100%. We mainly did it for Biggie who is a little Martha Stewart when it comes to parties. Also my husband gets home after the kids are in bed on weeknights so he won't be here on the day by which time LG will be better.

  3. Happy Birthday to Little Guy! We will be thinking of him tomorrow and hoping he is feeling better. And, silly us, a present will have to be sent from here...
    Talk about lack of organisation!!

    Cathy, JP and Eleanor xx

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Little Guy.
    I am sorry I missed it, your mother really needs to get some better friends.;)
    See you next week though.

  5. Thanks everyone!
    Today's the day officially.
    We have a fun day planned.

  6. Happy belated birthday to your little guy.How did the last 2 years go fast so quickly??!

  7. Tell me about it, the past year has really flown really really.


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