More scenes from the land of the rising sun

Not only are my friends shopaholics they are also very heavy drinkers (joke!!). This afternoon we took a stroll to the local bottle store in search of a nice bottle of wine to have with dinner.

The first place was really weird with huge half empty fridges. We opened the doors to get something out only to find the fridges were not actually switched on (= lukewarm drinks). Oh and no wine. And needless to say no other customers.

These photos show the second place we walked to. A gorgeous shop that sells sake only. No wine! Isn't the display wall cool? There's no way all these bottles would survive a night in New Zealand without being vandalized. It's outside the store next to the footpath.

So we ended up at 7-11 buying the only bottle of white wine in the store. I guess wine hasn't caught on around here.

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