My haircut

It's not the best shot but I wanted to show you my haircut and say how pleased I am with it. I got a lot of layers so now when it dries it has volume through the sides and back. I'm a bit hot and bothered in this picture and my fringe has gone weird. Seems Little Guy has the same problem.


  1. LOVE IT! It really suits you.

    Did you have it coloured too?

    Perhaps it is time I tried to do something different...

  2. Thanks!

    The colour needs to be redone. It's left over from Biggies entrance ceremony with terrible re-growth.

  3. oh sweetie!!! you look fabulous.

    I so need a hair cut, and that is about the length I need......

    thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!

  4. A very cute pic! New hair is always a wonderful thing.

  5. thanks birdy. funny how it looks new when "they" do it and pretty soon it goes back to the old style you've always had though. thanks for popping in!

  6. LOVE your hair cut. You look fabulous! Can`t believe how big T is getting!

  7. Tee hee- that last comment was from meee.. didn`t realise it would post in my work name! LOL!

  8. Gosh you both look lovely!
    Your son is so sweet!
    Jen x


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