My Little Houdini

I think you know who I am talking about when I say my Little Houdini. In an effort to get him to stay in his room at night I have taken to securing the end of the hallway with a safety gate. I've also had to install one across the sliding glass door to stop him from going outside. The front gate is tied up with a bungy cord.

Imagine my surprise when he came trotting into my bedroom at 4 am this morning. 4 am! Cheerfully calling out Ohayo, Ohayo which is Japanese for Good Morning. Neither I nor his father was pleased to see him and he was not greeted in the same manner.

Eventually he decided to go back to bed at which time my other night time friend joined us. The very hungry mosquito.

Is sleep a thing of the past for me?


  1. Oh no! What a rude awakening that must have been. I am so thankful that now we are home my little E-bug cannot climb out of her cot (yet).
    I am home from work with her today,as a return to creche has meant a return to bugs! She has a nasty cold which has turned all wheezy. Poor mite. Right now she is asleep, all tuckered out after an exciting morning reading stories, sitting on my knee, and cuddling. Not a typical morning!
    My chance now to get a start on dinner and the washing...
    It is freezing here, after a wild, stormy weekend.

  2. LMAO! Sorry, but that is one to tell him years from in front of his girlfriend and watch him blush;)

  3. Marianne do you think the same tactics would work to keep my boys from sneaking out to meet these girlfriends you mention? I think not. I'll have electric fences installed then!

    Cathy - get well soon!

  4. when I used to say "BABY PROOF" that is what i meant... fences, locks, strategically placed heavy furniture, duct tape, bungee cords....... to keep the kid in.

    Naive people would reply... "oh, we never really did any *baby-proofing*"

    this means that they didn't have clever, creative, genius little toddlers trying to explore their world.


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