Handmade Kids

Etsy is running a promotion right now called Handmade Kids. Of course both of my kids are 100% handmade. I might be able to put them up for sale? I did read a headline a couple of weeks ago about a couple getting in trouble for advertising their child for sale on eBay so I had better be careful!

Back to Etsy. One of the Handmade Kids articles highlights the lack of products available for toddler boys (they overlooked my shop) and the popularity of environmentally friendly products. I'm disappointed I couldn't be included in the article since I do try to make items for boys. So today I am going to research my fabrics and other materials and find out exactly how eco-friendly it is or isn't. It's not toxic I know that.

I have just five things for boys in my shop right now. Since I have been on holiday for the past two weeks I have a lot of catching up to do. Thinking cap on.

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