Planes & the Airport

Yesterday we spent part of the day at the airport. It was a lot of fun since we were not meeting anyone or going anywhere. It's only a short drive for us across the 3 km long bridge. It stretches over the sea since Kansai Airport is built on a man-made island of reclaimed land.

We discovered a lot going on at the airport for non-travelers. There was a stage with a comedy show; a guest celebrity and a science demonstration for children. Inside there was a photography exhibit and a fair-trade market place. It was all very interesting.

Coincidentally I am working on a bag for boys with an air theme. I am stuck working out the circumference of the base. I know the equation having looked that up ;) I just can't work out how much seam allowance I'll need to add to the main bag so it joins the base properly.


  1. Hi!
    Thank you very much for your kind comments on my blog. This help me believe in what I make and from the other side lets me discover others' creations! I love your bags!!! I think I have become jealous! I've been thinking of starting making bags as well for a while now but still have no time etc.
    By the way, how did your showcase go?
    Best from France!

  2. Thanks tricoteria. I have bookmarked your blog too!

    Showcase - no sales but a few hearts.
    Had a sale this morning though so I'm happy!


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