Sorry I missed a day!

Gosh it's been a long time since I missed a day blogging. Now I have almost missed two! I have been completely snowed under. So there were no blog posts on Sunday. Here's a Monday recap.

I spent part of the day yesterday sewing. I finally made a start on one of my summer dresses. I should have that finished to show soon. I'm sewing one of the 1970s patterns I bought online.

Perhaps it was a bit overzealous but I booked in for an Etsy showcase. It'll be next weekend. The first ten items in my shop will be on display from a link on the front page of Etsy so I have to get my shop looking tiptop before then.

Poor me. This morning whilst cleaning my bathroom floor I slipped over and scraped my arm down the wall. Our textured wallpaper took a few layers of skin off. It's still really stinging 14 hours later.

Then in my haste to drive off from outside the mall where I was parked illegally on double yellow lines, I slammed the door on three of my fingers. Luckily it was only the tips so they are not too sore now.

This week is the last week for Biggie before the school holidays. I'll be quite busy with parent-teacher interviews, fireworks evening, half-days and of course our house guests will be here for another few days. Thank goodness we have a three day weekend coming up. Monday July 21st marks the anniversary of our 'first date'. We went to Osaka Aquarium. Twelve years ago.


  1. Hey, sorry to hear you hurt yourself rather a lot on your plate at the moment.

    I have just managed to finish DDs dress. I bought the pattern 2 years ago!!

    Parent teacher interviews!! DS is home today, school camp but he has a fever...sigh..
    Oh well, I will desert him and go out to dinner by myself tonight.;)

  2. Yes, my arm is still REALLY sore.

    Good on you sewing!

    Biggie has been swaying on the camp that's on during the holidays but alas I discovered he can't go since I've booked him in for an intensive swimming course.


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