Out and About: This is what MY craft store looks like

This is Pandora House, Aeon Rinku Sennan.

The bags are made up to give you cute ideas for how to use the fabric. You can ask for the patterns for free (photocopies).

Everything is neatly packaged, priced clearly and presented in baskets.

It's very inspiring, you come away with so many ideas.

Every craft is represented: scrapbooking, bead work, knitting, crochet, sewing and patchwork and much more.



  1. Every time I go to Aeon I try to visit Pandora House. I'm not as into sewing as you are (not having a sewing machine here is a cause) but I love looking at the yarn and touching it all! Some of it just feels so wonderful. And the colours! I really like their displays too. I WANT to buy the whole store up, but I never buy anything. I spend too much time at my computer these days!

    I didn't know that you could get patterns there though. That is cool.

  2. i think you should retitle your post. the craft stores in Nagasaki do not look like that. we are in Japan, but with only half a million people and no shinkansen links, we are INAKA.

    therefore your post should be retitled.....Craft stores in "my city".

  3. oh my god, you are fast and i was just joking.

    jealously joking.

    you have a very nice looking craft store!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. we aim to please!
    I must've just popped in as you had.

    you'll visit me one day, won't you

  5. but of course, darling.

    and thanks for the invite.

  6. I have been into many Aeons around here and never seen a nice craft shop and don't ever remember seeing on called Pandora House. I have a couple of other shops I can get too including a big Yuzawaya, but what is the deal with my Aeon!?! Not fair.

  7. I can see why it's called Pandora House. It sounds dangerous:)

  8. The Pandora House near me (Osaka City!!!) looks nothing like that. The material is all slid under one table and you can only see the top layer properly.

    There is very little variety and they seem to cater more for quilters than anyone else...sigh...

    There are some beads but if you do needlework they don't carry the full range of threads....

    Our really great craft shop around here closed down and they opened again in a shoebox. Needless to say not much on offer.

  9. That store is amazing - I love how they use baskets on the shelves too.

  10. Thanks for the comments everyone. I shall try to get some pictures of the other place I go too, although they have security cameras operating there ...


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