What kind of person are you?

In Bend the Rules Sewing there is a fun page entitled "What kind of crafter are you?". I have determined that I am a mix of "The Artist" who flies by the seat of my pants and "The Speed Demon" with some lazy habits. I'd like to be more of a "Perfectionist".

When it comes to other things I also fall into the Speed Demon category. You read my blog, spelling mistakes, things that don't make sense! I spew out posts in snatched moments throughout the day and don't check them very carefully. (although inline spelling helps a great deal).

Last night I rented two Grey's Anatomy DVDs. I sat down to watch one episode. Five episodes later I had reached the end and it was midnight.

Chocolate. I was really pleased with myself. My husband bought me a small bar of chocolate on Thursday night. I actually managed to save over half until last night.

Glutton. Instant Gratification. Speed. That sums me up.

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