I often see WIP around on crafty blogs. It took me a while to cotton on to this one: Work in Progress. I'm a bit thick in other respects too. Read on.

It took forever to work out the base / body since I am useless at mathematic equations and calculating. I had to look up "finding the circumference" on wikipedia. Then I was glad my calculator has an automatic pi button. As a test I asked my husband to work it out. Of course he not only knew the formula but practically did it in his head. That's one thing I love about Japanese schooling.

I am making a duffel bag for boys. Later today I will take out some pent up rage on hammering the grommets in for the drawstring. This bag is going to be fabulous.

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  1. well. i am a bit dull. but i did know what WIP is. it's like a UFO but not quite.

    and in the past I have done no calculating to make a circular bag.. i guesstimated.... traced around something round in the kitchen and sewed it on. It worked.

    but yours is good too. you sell stuff on etsy!!!! and I don't. Looks like it's going to be a fabulous bag!!!!


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