All in all a great day

I am back! We spent the whole day in one craft shop (with a break for lunch). I resisted the urge to buy out the whole store. Instead I showed great restraint by just buying a small selection of half meter cuts.

The new line by Kokka is just incredible. They are favoring the linen/cotton blend in neutral colors again this season. Elephants, fairy tales, robots, rockets, it's all fantastic.

The trip into the city was really worthwhile since the prices are a bit lower. More than that the range is incredible. There were a lot of designs I have not seen in my local store nor on the web.

Other happy news: Leslie from A Little Goodness has asked me to prepare a guest post about crafting in Osaka for her cute blog Japan Craft Journal and

David from Togei has had his idea for a submission about Japan based Etsy sellers approved for a magazine. I may soon be famous!


  1. Wow - sounds like an amazing shop and the fabric looks gorgeous. And great to hear you had a day off.

  2. I checked her blog and it is amazing! Bookmarked it too :)
    I hope to see your post there soon!
    Can you imagine, you have a craft store where you can spend your whole day? There is nothing like it in Frankfurt.......:(((
    I just envy you !


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