Did you see the Olympic Opening Ceremony?

We had a great evening: out for a quick bite, a short stroll up the hill and then back to watch the Olympic opening ceremony.

Our friends are fellow kiwis so we were keen to see the New Zealand team. The team finally made their brief appearance at 11.58pm. I was the only one still awake by that point.

Our claim to fame and high point was that my husband's company made the belts for the Japan team uniforms. They were my husband's design!! Is that cool?

We are making our favorite pilgrimage shortly, to the mall. Everyone loves shopping! And then it's off to the airport.


  1. Lovely Photo Kids!

  2. I watched the Opening Ceremony too! I think it was just great!
    And your husband was contributing his work to Olympic Team? That`s awesome!
    I would be SO proud too!


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