Gappy Grins & Smiles

Biggie has officially joined the Gappy Grin Club. He lost the two top teeth yesterday and had a visit from the Tooth Fairy so he's all smiles.

Little Houdini has discovered it's very easy to slip out of his carseat-belt. It's terrifying glancing around to find him standing on his seat trying to open the car window. Trust me I am not smiling then. I will have to figure out a way to stop it before we drive anywhere else. It's my turn to drive the carpool so I'll have to do something in a minute.

Today at swimming they'll be learning survival techniques so Biggie has to wear clothes over his swimwear. Even shoes. It'll be good to watch and I am pleased they're doing it since we live near the sea.

Lastly, a reminder to me and all the mums who read for constant vigilance. I just found Little Guy choking and coughing having swallowed some spicy dried Chinese Five Spice. He was sitting on the bench almost a meter off the ground covered in red powder. How easily it could have been washing powder or some other dangerous chemical. I will be conducting a child-safety search straight after this.

:| grim smile


  1. Congratulations to Biggie:) Bet he can't wait to show off his new grin at swimming today.

    And wow,you do have your hands full with Little Houdini...

  2. Oh, my heart would just stop for a second or two if I `d saw my little boy standing on his car seat!!!!! Thank god we have this 3-security- point straps :)

    PS Yahoo is DOWN! How can I check, check, check my e-mails????????

    Sorry for overload of emotions ....:)

  3. It's really bad - yesterday he got up onto the bench and started pulling knives out of the knife block.

    I did manage to get an extra clip for his car seat.

    I also put one on his high chair - he couldn't get out so he threw all his dinner all over the dining room. He's past tipping - he aims to kill - usually his brother is the target


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