Get yourself some zukzuk!

Everyone loves a giveaway! March on over to zukzuk to be in to win one of Helen's really cool original art prints. Make sure you say you are a friend of Blooming's so she knows that I am the one responsible for expanding her meager readership (joke, see the comment on the post below!!). The only criteria for entering is that you must be an exuberant sort of person. That's me, don't you think? I have highlighted the applicable meanings:

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.
1: extreme or excessive in degree, size, or extent <exuberant prosperity>
2 a: joyously unrestrained and enthusiastic <exuberant praise> exuberant personality> b: unrestrained or elaborate especially in style : flamboyant <exuberant architecture>



  1. Tee hee, you just expanded your readership. Thanks for visiting my blog...and yes, Helen's prints are so awesome. I have a few now and ordered two more from her. Some I will part with because my mom and my sister are in love with her work.

  2. hee, our "meagre readership"!

    you do realize we'll be laughing about this when we're bigger than design sponge...


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