Ikea: so near and yet so far

In my earlier post I expressed a desire to go to Ikea as we screamed past it on the highway. I took a mental note of the exit and contemplated driving there myself ...
We managed to leave the in-laws early enough so we decided to go there. A quick call to the store from the cell phone and we had the directions in hand.
But what the sales person failed to mention was that the wait to get into the carpark was about 3 hours long. 3 hours! 3 hours! Needless to say we did a u-turn and got back on the highway. That's an afternoon of torture I can do without. I so want to go though ...


  1. I was just wondering yesterday, whether you have IKEA in your area or not. We have one in 3 min drive away :) I thought I`d like to get you something (fabric) from there.... Interested?

  2. OOH yes thanks! actually I bought some Japanese fabric for you ages ago and never sent it, we'll do a swap!

  3. Hi there, the Kobe Ikea (even though a little far from you), is not unreasonably busy these days. Maybe worth a trio sometime???

  4. 3 hours??????????????!!!My jaw is dragging on the ground.Now,that is going too far isn't it.But all those people who must have waited...mind boggling.

  5. 3 hours? Lordy. I guess modular storage is big in Japan :) I'm also close to Ikea here in Brisbane if you ever want me to get you some fabric and send it over.


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