Mee a Bee bio

Mee a Bee all that’s cute from Japan

bags for little boys and girls

Adorable, whimsical and imagination-sparking
Natural cottons and linens
Fabulous prints, modern colours & practical designs

All lovingly handmade in Japan

An ever-changing collection ... for boys you might find cars, dinosaurs or pirates while little girls will love pink penguins, polka dots or ladybirds.

Mee a Bee bags spark conversation, encourage learning and imagination.
You won't find mass-produced commercialised characters

Mee a Bee bags are made in limited quantities or even one of a kind. Would you like to have a special bag designed for your little one?

Jacqui Miyabayashi

Owner, Designer, Mee a Bee

Who is Mee a Bee? Behind the label

New Zealander Jacqui Miyabayashi has lived in Osaka for the past thirteen years. She is the designer, seamstress and tea lady at Mee a Bee.

Jacqui studied business management and marketing at the University of Waikato before setting off on her big overseas adventure
. A few months of work and travel turned into several years. Now with a husband and two children she calls Japan home.

Life as a stay-at-home mum was isolating and lonely, the web became her best friend. Jacqui organised playgroups, book swaps and a parenting website for other expat mums living in her area. Soon she discovered other mothers selling their handmade goods online and had a lightbulb moment. Jacqui had been searching for a business she could run from home while caring for her children.

Mee a Bee was born a few months after her second child and gives Jacqui the creative outlet she craves as well as the stimulation and challenge of running a business.

Says Jacqui "It's what I always dreamed I would do with my life, I couldn't be happier".

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