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Do you like my new logo? (on the left) I designed it myself in about ten minutes on the website. It's free to use on my website, kind of like a try before you buy option. If I decide to buy it for use on printed materials it will be $49.00. Pretty great I think.

What kind of image does it portray to you?


  1. I really like you logo- it reminds me of red shoes I had when I was little (I have no idea why). It looks wholesome and fun.

    Thanks for featuring my blog. I am so happy someone else is a Martha and Real Simple fan! :)

    I'm adding a link to your blog from mine too.

  2. oh, i think you should put it on your new website. that looks great by the way! whoohoo.

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  4. Love it.Wholesome and natural and all things nice.All that from a bitty apple but there you go.The power of logos!:)

  5. Thanks Marianne, that's kind of what I am going for. Wholesome, fun, nice things - excellent.
    I think my stuff embodies this.

  6. What I can see looks really good but on my screen the right hand
    side is cut off a bit, is it just my screen?


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