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I got an order from FBC yesterday or the day before (we cannot live without Weetabix). When I order I usually include some treats for myself: Cadbury chocolate and a magazine.

This time it was Domino. I've seen and heard a lot about it online but never read one. It's GREAT. I read it from cover to cover while the kids were playing in the pool. If you are at all interested in decorating then I recommend it. The ideas won't break the bank.

An advertising card slipped out about a new magazine called Cookie. It's for moms. Worth a look at the website. The card says Treat yourself to Cookie It's a new kind of magazine for today's kind of parent.

From the Cookie website I found a link to the BEST BLOG I have read in a long while - about - would you believe - arts and crafts with your kids. Author Amy Anderson writes Let's Explore. She's a former teacher with two very pretty little girls who love to create. I actually really really felt like undertaking some of the crafts with Little Guy.

From Let's Explore (I read the whole blog from January this year) I found a new bookshelf site called Lookybook Picture books you can discover, share and talk about. Oh wow, hide your credit cards. It links straight to B&N and Amazon. It's so good! Tonight Biggie's bookshelf looked positively dismal. We have read all of his books so many times. But I feel really inspired looking at the bookshelves on Lookbook. Truth be told Biggie reads well and enjoys chapter books but really he still loves picture books and is nowhere near ready to give up storytime with mum before sleep.

So there you have it, a good evening of time wasters on the Internet! Night Night.


  1. Oh, I found this blog the other day, and I was so planning to tell you about it, because I thought it may be something that you would be interested in! What a shame you found it by yourself before I had the chance to tell you about it!! :-)

    It's so inspiring, isn't it!

  2. Thanks for the Lookybook info. I am always looking for new books for the kids. That site will be a big help.

  3. Looks fantastic doesn't it?
    I'm there as jajemi

  4. Thanks Belinda - your telepathic vibe led to me to that site anyway! It's really cool, thanks for thinking of me, you're so sweet.


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