No injuries to report

The play date went splendiferously. The kids had a great time building a huge castle and train layout with all the wooden railway pieces and wooden blocks. They did that for two solid hours with no bickering or incidents. They were just packing it up when Little Guy toddled out from his nap, just as well since he has a tendency to destroy the layouts and hit people with the hard wood track pieces.

The Lego was hidden away before they arrived ... as was the soccer game that never fails to get someone stomping over losing or being left out since it's a two person game (and there were three kids plus Little Guy). I also think it must be pretty annoying when Little Guy puts the little soccer ball in his mouth so nobody else can play with it.

Lunch was a great success. Remember a little while ago I was having trouble thinking up gourmet ideas? Well last night I cooked an extra tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet). Today I filled fresh hot dog rolls with thinly sliced cold tonkatsu and tomato sauce. Everybody loved them.

Tomorrow I am the car pool mom! Swimming is going swimmingly, Biggie loves it and is already improving after only two days.


  1. I had to laugh a little bit at this are so busy. When we have little ones, life just keeps moving at a fast pace. Glad the play date went well, man, I remember those days when my girlfriend would come over with her twin girls, they would beat up my boys in a second. It was always an adventure when those four children got together. It's funny now...back then the girl's mom and I would pull our hair out trying to mitigate fights, playing accidents and everything else that comes up when four five year olds get together.

  2. Oh twins! yes we have some twin friends but they are still only interested in playing with each other.

    Three 6 & 7 year olds together was noisy with fun but relatively pain-free :)


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