On a rainy day

It's been raining on and off today so we passed some time at the secondhand book shop, Book Off. We got four books for $10.00 - one each for the kids and two for me.

The Sweet Felt Collection was only a dollar. It caught my eye since the front cover has a picture of a tea cosy. It's not as cute as yesterday's one but cute all the same. I like the simple coasters a lot.


  1. I bought a ton of Japanese craft and sewing books on eBay...what an addiction :) I can tell you they were more than $10

  2. Ooo that felt book looks great! Can you read Japanese or can you just guess how to make things from the pictures? I have been meaning to give felting a try for a while but have told myself I have to practice screen printing first as I was given a kit for my bday.


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