The Power of the Mind

How can I put this delicately? Biggie can be a little bit wimpy. He's a real worry wart and quite a pessimist. I've created a monster!

Today he couldn't find his bike helmet. He flipped out when I told him where it was and deliberately (I think) rode his bike off the path. He grazed his arm and shouted angrily that it was all my fault since he knew he would fall off.

I came straight inside and ordered this book from Amazon. This boy needs some survival skills!

There is also a great book in the same series called The Daring Book for Girls. It has received rave reviews.


  1. hmmm... i love it when they do that. not!

    that book looks interesting, maybe i'll get it for my partner...

    and yeah, totally link to my blog giveaway, the more the merrier! we can share our meagre readership. though you have many more devoted fans, i'm sure of that!

  2. our meagre readership!!! that had me laughing out loud!

    Do you think my husband might be up for some "dangerous activities"???

  3. I had a look at those books last time I went to an English book store. I have an 11 year old niece and was wondering if they'd be suitable. I'm sure they would be for her....but I realized that I'd be buying it for ME!

    The boy's version looked good, and there are a couple of versions of similar ones for girls.


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