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The potty! I am thinking about toilet training my two year old. He's shown some signs of being ready and it would be great to train while the weather is warm. He's interested but not quite there yet.

I happened to stumble upon this most excellent website today. MizPee. It's a registry of clean toilets across the USA and Europe.

Anyone who has visited Japan will know how shocking the public bathrooms are here. I don't know of one single bathroom which would make it to the list.


  1. My toilet secret? Pachinko parlours! They always have nice clean toilets ime. Wouldn't be caught dead in one of those places otherwise, mind.

  2. I bought a potty on Sunday! We must be on the same wavelength... although not sure what that would mean given the subject matter! Let me know how you go.

  3. I always think that Japanese toilets are remarkably clean! The highway rest stops that hubby and I use are usually sparkling and well stocked with TP.

    Most of the stores that I frequent also have clean toilets too.

    Is it just my area that is clean, or am I missing something?

    And sorry, no idea about toilet training!

  4. Oh,I remember how I delayed potty training with my T. I just was n`t up to endless row of wet pants and empty potty...... But then one day I decided that it`s time. And it went remarkably well! It took him about two pairs of wet pants and two long sessions on potty,to get the point and that was it! I was so relieved :)
    Good luck with your little guy! I`m sure he is going to potty in no time :))

  5. It's on the back burner for a bit longer I think.


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