This I need:

Have you seen this great invention? Kaboost - it's a chair attachment that you use on the bottom of a normal chair to raise the height bringing the little one up to table level.

Fantastic! There is a Japan distributor but they cost $60 + postage & handling of $9.00. That's double what they retail for in the US. :(

I wonder if anyone is selling one cheap ... or has space in their suitcase to bring one over ... you can buy them at Target or Babies R Us ...


  1. looks like something you could make very easily with a couple of
    2 X 4's. Or, for 30 dollars you could buy a nice wooden chair that is higher than normal. I got two very nice tall chairs for free from two someones..... there are always alternatives....

  2. Thanks Frugal Dougal! So there's no room in your suitcase?

    My mum is coming soon, she might be able to squeeze on in or indeed bang a couple of 2x4 together once she arrives!


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