Tree of happiness

I was very happy yesterday to find that I have been awarded the "Tree of Happiness award" by Nerida of craftjuice. Just being awarded the award made me happy but in order to accept I have to nominate six more bloggy buddies and list six things that make me happy. Everyone else's lists are rather profound but mine will be short and sweet.

The view of my neighbor's garden caught in glimpses from two of my windows always makes me pause and smile. Lots of trees of happiness.

These things make me happy:

1. Chocolate gifts, from my husband, friends and my mum.
2. The sight of my little boy sitting on my big boy's lap watching TV or reading (being BROTHERS)
3. The sparkling sea on sunny day with no smog, reminds me of home.
4. Chatting on the phone, love when the phone rings
5. Dreaming up craft projects and actually seeing them through to completion
6. Crisp clean sheets on the bed, an early night and the knowledge that my organized linen cupboard would make Martha proud.

I'll pass this award onto Jan in Nagasaki, Rebekah, Eva (who is finally back online!), The Kiwi Meadows, Christina and MissBehaving.


  1. Oh wow! Thank You!
    I actually came by to tell you , that I have tagged you, but now I find out that it was me who is tagged :) LOL!!!

  2. LOL! you're so great Eva. I am really happy to see you back online!!


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