A little update from us. We had a very nice weekend although my husband was at work for most of it. I managed to do a little bit of sewing (see below) and biked to the fabric shop on Sunday evening. Saturday, of course, we had our guests here.

Monday - the holidays continue. It was very hot and both kids were tired, grumpy and naughty. It was a long day punctuated by ice blocks, swims and playing with the hose.

Tuesday - it seems a bit cooler today. Little Guy had a sleep-in, unheard of these days. Biggie was thrilled when his book arrived from Amazon. So far we have deciphered some ciphers and codes together and made some plans for stocking The Essential Kit. Do you think six years old is too young for matches and a Swiss Army Knife? I do too but maybe that's why the book is called the Dangerous Book for Boys! (I think he'll grow into it).

In a minute we are going out for lunch (no food again) and we have some errands to run.

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  1. I am intrigued by the ice blocks...

    Hope you had a great lunch:)


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