What a difference a day makes

That phrase is usually used to indicate improvement right? What would be the opposite?

Yesterday we spent an idyllic afternoon in the garden slurping juicy fresh peaches, frolicking in the cool water and reading in the shade. Ahhhh, this is the life.

Today rolls around. The pool is completely flat. Apparently duct tape is not that waterproof. The mosquitoes joined us moments after we arrived. After twenty minutes "the fun" ended when Biggie got stung on his privates. Actually I think it was a sharp piece of grass that jabbed him but being six years old anything wrong in his private area calls for a State of Emergency.

It's 5.15 pm, cocktail hour.


  1. Ouch!!! Hope tomorrow is another fun and frolics day and no nasty bugs and sharp pices of grass(and that you manage to mend the puncture...got a bicycle puncture kit handy??May work...).

    Enjoy those cocktails;)

  2. Shoot, I thought Cocktail Hour was 4.15, don't tell me I have been getting pished an hour early!!!


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