Winnie the Pooh and the end of summer

Biggie goes back to school tomorrow. I could say "and not a moment too soon" but honestly the holidays have been pretty good and I have enjoyed having him home. The six weeks have gone quickly since we have had several house guests, swimming lessons and a few days with husband home.

The weather played a big part in the overall pleasure of the past two months. We didn't have the high temperatures we normally would expect. We have had a lot of wind and this week it's rained almost everyday which cooled things down considerably.

Overall I think we have watched way too much television. That's my dirty little secret since I am basically opposed to television for children. In our defense we have only watched certain programs at scheduled times. Biggie practices reading and time telling by looking up the schedule. ;) Winnie the Pooh has been a favourite, especially the movies. Phinneas & Ferb is another Disney creation that Biggie has gotten addicted to. I have to admit it is quite funny.

This morning I have printed a couple of dozen name labels for all of Biggie's new school shirts and socks. We have labeled half a dozen pencils and sharpened them all. Now we are in the middle of a huge scavenger hunt trying to locate all the pieces of homework, library books and colored pencils that have to go back to school tomorrow. Since the school was being renovated over the holidays everything had to come home.

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