Yippee Skippy I made it in!

I made it into the International Kids Gift Guide! Etsy is running a contest for stores who make stuff for kids. Legal issues restrict entry to US-based sellers only. In an effort to share the love Etsy announced a contest open to sellers from around the globe. There's no prize as such just a chance to be featured in the International Kids Gift Guide. And I made it in! PAGE 4 !!!!!!

Congratulations to all the other sellers who are being featured today. Sweetbeets on page 6 is a fellow EtsyMom who makes the the most divine letterpress cards. Congrats Lisa!


  1. Congratulations!Brilliat news:) And love the bag they feature and the lovely model who seems far more interested in poking at a leaf there;)

  2. Yes, that would be my reluctant model, like drawing blood from a stone to get him to stand still.
    He sees me walk in holding a bag "I'm not trying that on" he says indignantly before I even open my mouth!

  3. Congratulations. There are some great etsy stores on that site. All so inspiring.

  4. Congratulations! I think you have sold the item, cause I could n`t find you .... :)

  5. It's moved Eva ...don't seem to be getting any extra traffic from it.


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