zukzuk & Ravenhill

Two of my blogworld friends on the FRONT PAGE! congratulations!
Helen from zukzuk & Emily from Ravenhill!!

Etsy treasury


  1. thanks. yay!

    i'm so pleased to hear about your swimming experiences. now that i'm not living on a small island i worry about my guys swimming future. as a kid we were always in a lake or the sea but when you're in a big city it's just not so common to swim. i want him to grow up feeling comfortable in the water, i guess i'll have to don some togs and head to the local (indoors, yuck) pool. sigh...

  2. I am the same. We still live on an island but the sea has less importance to Japanese than to kiwis. I think swimming is an important life skill (for safety).
    And it's so much fun!


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