Chatters love Coffee

This afternoon I braved the rain and walked to the store to stock up on coffee. I got chococcino, cafe latte and cappuccino for the Dolce Gusto. It's finally well and truly hot drink season!

Chatty Cafe is tommorow and I have had a hankering for coffee cake. My friend Frances used to make coffee cake in the microwave ... on a Saturday afternoon we'd all be hanging around, hungry teenagers, out in the country with no store within walking distance ... Fran would whip up a cake in a few minutes. I wonder if she still has the recipe? (it was over twenty years ago).

This evening Donna Hay has come to the rescue. She gives a really simple recipe that adapts a Butter Cake into Coffee Cake by adding some dissolved instant coffee. I'll let you know if it gives a suitable caffeine hit tomorrow.

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