Close to 300

I am close to 300. 293 in fact. 293 whats? I'll allow you to speculate. I will say I am NOT 293 pounds. Once I hit 300 I'll be having a giveaway. The winner will be the person who comments here with the answer that makes me laugh 300 times, 300 on the laugh-o-meter. There's no way of knowing how soon I'll reach 300 so I can't say when the contest will close. And I don't even know what I will give away. Feel free to make a suggestion.

So these are the "rules". To enter the surprise giveaway please leave a comment here with your guess, 300 whats? And if you think you know what it really is write that down too. And if you have seen something in my pictures, store or even Japan that you think would make a good giveaway, write that down too. (Even the Little one is up for grabs). Everyone is welcome to enter, even if you've won before, up to 300 times (kidding, once each OK!). Thanks and good luck!!


  1. Hmmm. 300 on the laugh-o-meter?!

    Well, I did a major homerun slide on the wet 'floor' in front of all the Daimaru Department Store customers today-howzat? Well, it made me laugh...


    BTW I think you could have had 300 sales for your lovely goods.

    As a reward for my efforts I'll settle for...hmmm...some new curtains(-I know, I know they're not on your blog but that's what I want)/a piece of cake/a biscuit.

  2. You are close to 300 posts. That's got to be it. So, that's not all that funny, is it? Crap.


  3. i wonder if i have to guess correctly to be considered to win. in that case, I will not guess at this time, because if i guess incorrectly and miss out on my chance to win "whatever" if i correctly guess "what" then i will hold my comment till later. but given the chance to choose my own prize, then i choose that you guess what it is that i want.

    by the way.... i am putting lots of the scraps that you sent me to very good use. I am sewing them together one at a time and having unmeasurable amounts of fun. won't be too long until i have a quilt cover or two done.....

  4. mmmmmmm, I guess you are nearing to........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I don`t know! To say - 300 hearts, it would be tooo little. So I don`t know.

    For a giveaway......mmmmmm - maybe some of your cake, yes!

    Not that I`m not a fan of your MeeaBee stuff ;)

  5. OK, I confess, I have close to three hundred pimples on my nose. ;)

    Poor TK, did you hurt yourself?

  6. Oh Blooming,I was just about to say that...;)

    Or that it was close to 300 times that you have told Little Guy to "Get down from there" this week.

  7. Thanks Blooming,

    I'm OK except for some bruises

    But I do feel a cold coming on:( TG it's a public holiday tomorrow:)


  8. oh oh, i had better guess before the contest is over for fear of forfeit due to languor...

    I wonder, 300 what???????

    can read and write 300 kanji???

    have confirmed 300 readers of your blog???

    have 300 days until you become a conglomerate...

    300 days until the little one goes off to full time pre-school???

  9. 300 pieces of Pocky? In one sitting? Oh I think that's me..

  10. oh, i got it now... you have calculated the years you have been, um, procreating... times the percentage of times that you have , um, reached a certain level of satisfaction...and determined that the number might be approaching the 300 mark... that would be like 20 times a year for 15 years....(just a rough example)

    300 big O's. are you laughing yet?

  11. I am going to guess you are close to 300 metres of fabric bought and used in your etsy shop! or 300 people having you marked as their favorite etsy store...

  12. 300 bags you've made?

    300 times you've unpicked something (I think I'm pretty close to that, but you are a much better sewer than me!)

    300 times you've eaten cake (I KNOW I'm pretty close to that)

    300 times you've given up eating cake?

    300 bottles of sake late at night...(not all at once though!)

  13. lucky number 8 is the winner: Nerida!! congrats! and thanks for entering!


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