Finally Finally Finally

Are you a fan of ER? I am! Tonight I had a minor panic (more like rage attack) when I checked the schedule to see if ER would be on tomorrow night. Not only is it on but it is already a third of the way through the season. GRRRR

Thank goodness I have just found out that it's last season re-runs, being run back to back for a few weeks before THE NEW SEASON COMES ON. Yippee!

11pm on BS2 (in Japan) from September 29th.

Am I reading that right? Here's the NHK Japanese website.


  1. thanks for the info , dude. I have written it on my calendar.

  2. Yep, that's right. I'm in Canada at the moment so my husband has strict instructions to tape it for me! Ugly Betty starts the day after if you're into that one too!


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