Oh dear. Two weeks in a row I have had pathetic small cakes. They appear not to have risen. Mum thinks the flour is to blame. I am wondering if my eggs were too small or my baking powder is stale (shouldn't be since I go through a lot). To be honest I am not doing anything different from normal.

Not happy :(

I have Chatty Cafe again on Thursday which means I will be baking tomorrow. Suggestions welcomed.

Coffee Cake pictured - tasty but dismally small (not high).


  1. i agree with your mom, i think a lot of my baking failures stem from the flour. i try to make all purpose flour with cake and bread flours, 1 part cake to three parts bread, then maybe experiment from there....

  2. Flour could be cause, but some other little things too. I have to read the receipt, maybe I can help you :)

    I have a diploma BTW ;)


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