Frantic Friday

Today is Biggie's field trip. It's raining. It's sunny. It's raining. The weather can't make up its mind therefore panic ensues. What to wear (PE gear or regular uniform?). What to take (regular backpack or school trip backpack?). We spend half an hour calmly preparing the lunch and packing the bag. We've decided: PE gear, excursion backpack with the other school stuff in a carry bag just in case. We're all set.

Then Biggie's walking pal shows up in full school uniform with regular school backpack and no sign of her school trip gear. "Stay calm, stay calm, you'll be OK Biggie" I reassure him that half the kids will be dressed like he is and the other half will not. Either way he'll have a nice day. I cross my fingers.

At least his lunch will be delicious. He normally has lunch in the school cafeteria so it's a special day in that mums have been asked to prepare a lunchbox bento.


  1. Now that is a bento! Lucky Biggie indeed:)

  2. That is an incredible bento! Totally put to shame here. I sent DS with a ham and cheese sandwich today.

    He gets so little time to eat the lunch box is tiny with two small onigiri.

    Will your Biggie eat all this?

  3. Looks yummy to me, hope Biggy eats it all!

  4. Thanks! Biggy loved it and ate it all.

    I confess to BUYING everything. Since it was a special field trip and I don't usually have to make a bento lunchbox for him I bought the things he had asked for. The only things I actually made were the rice and the boiled egg which I did the night before. It was classic ASSEMBLE on the day.

    He was so full he didn't eat the chips and M&Ms he had for a field trip treat. I can live with that!

  5. Thats an AWESOME lunch box! But what? No marmite rolls?

    Sorry his much anticipated day was rained out, the tea party looks a big success though!

  6. Thanks Nerida

    I totally tried to convince Biggie to take: a cheese and marmite sandwich, a muffin, a yogurt pot and a frozen juice box. That would be a typical NZ/Oz lunch right? he wouldn't have a bar of it - he NEEDS to be just the same as the other kids :)

    Biggie missed the tea party sadly, he had an appointment in town. It was lovely though.


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