Friday Plans

Friday, yaye, TGIF!

Mum and I have been on a housework frenzy this morning. Clean sheets flapping in the sun, sparkling fresh bathroom. Our food will be delivered later so we're all set for a relaxing LONG weekend. Monday is Grandparents Day, a holiday!

In about an hour I'll be teaching my regular Friday student. He's looking forward to meeting my mum and talking about life in New Zealand since he visited there a couple of years ago.

I have one hour and fifteen minutes until he arrives. Time to bake some biscuits?

Keep a look out for Felt Book Covers later on.


  1. Mmm biscuits. I am about to prepare some lunch including natto. Biscuits sounds much better.

  2. YUUUCKKK natto for lunch??
    Come over for an anzac biscuit! Much nicer.

    If you have a free day why don't you come over again. Next Friday? give me a buzz.

  3. So, you know I mentioned that your mum should tour Japan?Well,reading about futher team work now involving cleaning and I suggest you travel round together....:)


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