Good Morning

Well mum arrived safely with a huge suitcase full of toys, boys and food! Lucky me I have all new underwear and shoes! We're spending the day acclimatising. Of course it's very hot for mum having come from winter.

Biggie had a good day at school yesterday but was really excited about going to the airport. His calligraphy teacher said he was quite distracted (is that a nice way of saying he was quite naughty?).

Little Guy is showing Nana all his best (worst) tricks - climbing up onto the bench, jumping on top of a huge stack of plastic storage bins, opening the fridge, etc. She thinks he's cute but give her time!

We don't have any plans for today but stay tuned for some baking. Chatty Cafe starts again this Thursday.


  1. Hi there,

    sounds like you had a good summer.

    Must be great to have your Mum visit.

    I feel for her in this heat. Even I, a long-timer, am surprised at how much sweat one person can generate. Then again it's nice not to be cold either...


  2. So pleased to hear your Mum is visiting you, hope you all have a great time together. Indielf is now back in school too.

  3. Hey, I am so pleased you have your Mum with you. I had a great time with mine.

    I seem to have had to hit the ground running since getting off the plane though and am going mad trying to get things done here.

    There is still stuff from the funeral! Kids stuff and work.

    Have a great time with your Mum and I will call you some time soon.

  4. Thanks everyone, it's going great so far!


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