The hours go marching by

Today we seem to have gotten very little accomplished. Biggie has been to school and is already home. Little Guy has had nap but it was shorter than normal.

My mum and I are working together on the little winter bags. I have given her all the stink things to do like unpick wonky seams. We can't sew while the kids are around so it's been frustrating with Little Guy getting up and down. We had a goal for the day but it's had to be shelved for now.

Right now Nana (my mum) has got the boys set up with some new Crayola Explosion marker pens. Biggie is most pleased as it's a set for six years and up. Crayola has thousands of activities and printable work sheets.


  1. I love the Crayola site! I use it quite a bit for seasonal decorations and neat craft things for my students.

  2. ooo the bags you're working on look great, I love the fabric you use its so funky! My Zakka Sewing book came through today - yay! Will you be tempted?!

  3. Oh so tempted, let me know how you find it. The felt!

    Crayola is fab, isn't it Helen. Love all their products too.

  4. I love your mum.In fact I think she should go round Japan and stay with some of us and share her skills and Crayola gifts:)

  5. hehehe she laughed when I told her your suggestion


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